Case Studies

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4Fitness Case Study
The Czech manufacturer who specialises in the manufacture of health & protein supplements, 4FITNESS, was in search of a high-end induction sealer to increase sealing production and guarantee product protection.
Arla Case Study
The world’s largest fresh milk site, owned by dairy giant Arla, selected Enercon Industries to supply the induction cap sealers needed to provide leak prevention and product freshness to its milk. Arla Foods’ mega-dairy site in the United Kingdom is the world’s most technologically-advanced milk processing facility to date.
Autoglym Case Study
A premium car care brand, Autoglym, is now induction sealing its products to prevent spillages and ensure complete customer satisfaction. The British manufacturer of car care and valeting products, added the Enercon induction sealer into its production line following concerns around spillages.
Beanies Case Study
The coffee manufacturer Beanies Flavour Co, was in need of a cleaner sealing method for the production of its flavoured instant coffee. For this particular need, induction cap sealing proved to be a more effective alternative to glue.
Cargill Case Study
An animal health facility has installed a new, state-of-the-art automated processing line that incorporates induction heat sealing. Their aim was to find a company that could create an automated packaging line to enable the fulfillment of higher volume contracts.
Chemfix Case Study
Chemfix, the UK's leading manufacturer of wood repair solutions for the professional market, was looking for a way to extend the shelf life of the water based wood filler and ensure the effective use of the its product was increased. The solution was to hermetically seal its containers, in order to protect the contents from the external atmosphere.
Clarks Case Study
Clarks, a leading manufacturer of syrup, honey and ice cream sauce, needed to maintain product freshness and extend shelf life. To achieve this while maintaining high production speeds, Clarks opted for induction cap sealing.
EEP Case Study
EEP, a manufacturer of embalming fluids, was in search of a reliable sealing solution to prevent its products from leaking and to provide them with more resistance to temperature variations. In order to do so, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced an induction cap sealer to its production line.
Floratine Case Study
Floratine, a manufacturer of soil and turf products, was searching for a way to ensure safe and secure transport of its products, to avoid any further customer complaints due to damaged containers and leaking products. The company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced induction cap sealing to its production line, as a way of applying hermetic seals to its containers.
GlaxoSmithKline Case Study
GlaxoSmithKline was struggling to hermetically seal an oval-shaped Horlicks container with a ‘snap-on’ cap. The company contacted Enercon Industries for their expert advice and a solution.
Greyland Case Study
Greyland Limited, a manufacturer of cleaning and chemical products, needed a solution to prevent its carpet cleaner from leaking during transport. To solve the problem, Greyland contacted Enercon Industries and purchased a manual induction cap sealer, the Super Seal™ Junior, and has now eliminated leaks.
Healthspan Case Study
Healthspan, a mail-order supplier of vitamins, minerals and health supplements, was in search of a solution to hermetically seal a thin rectangular-shaped container. The company contacted Enercon Industries, and was able to seal its uniquely shaped container thanks to one of a specially designed induction sealing coil.
John Pollock & Sons Case Study
John Pollock & Sons, a Scottish dairy plant, moved to induction sealing after a recommendation from its bottle supplier Nampak Industries. Since moving away from its old method of tear band seals, the company has gained increased security, extended shelf life and leak prevention.
KIK Case Study
KIK Custom Products, a manufacturer of private label household products, uses induction cap sealing as a reliable sealing solution for one of its principal products. Since the addition of induction sealing technology to its production line, the company has praised the benefits obtained by the use of its Enercon equipment.
KLEAN Spa Case Study
KLEAN Spa, a brand of all-natural beauty products, was suffering from customer complaints and costly damages as a result of products leaking. To solve this issue and protect its reputation, a portable induction cap sealer was introduced to the company’s production process.
Lavendula de Simiane Case Study
Lavendula de Simiane, manufacturer of cosmetic floral waters, was in search of a solution against product leakage. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries, and integrated an induction heat sealer to its production for the application of strong, hermetic seals.
Lifeplan Case Study
Lifeplan, a leading UK supplier of vitamins and mineral supplements, began induction sealing its products several years ago after deciding to stop using tamper evident push-on lids.
Lindens Case Study
Lindens Apothecary, a manufacturer of health supplements, was faced with the challenge of sealing a rectangular shaped container. The company contacted Enercon Industries for a solution and integrated one of our best-selling sealers to its production line.
Mari Paz Case Study
The Spanish manufacturer of spices and infusions, Mari Paz, was in search of a hermetic seal to extend freshness and maintain original colours and flavours of its products. Induction cap sealing proved to be the best solution.
McCormick Case Study
The large food manufacturer, McCormick, was in search of a hermetic sealing solution to improve the quality and shelf life of its various products, which are packaged into glass bottles. The company worked with Enercon Industries’ specialists and introduced induction cap sealing to its production.
Mendes Gonçalves Case Study
Mendes Gonçalves, a manufacturer of gourmet culinary sauces, has been using induction cap sealing for over 10 years. The use of this sealing technology provides added protection to its products, such as tamper evidence and product freshness, therefore facilitating international export of products.
Millers Oils Case Study
Millers Oils, a leading developer of automotive oils, wanted to provide added security as well as tamper evidence to its fuel additive. In order to achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced two induction cap sealers to its production line.
Opet Case Study
Opet Madeni Yağlari, one of Turkey’s largest fuel oil distributors, has been using Enercon Induction sealing equipment for over fifteen years. Induction sealing has provided the company with many benefits, including maintaining the quality of its products for the end users.
Orchard Valley Foods Case Study
Orchard Valley Foods, a manufacturer of edible baking decorations, required a solution that would increase the shelf life and ensure the freshness of its products. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduce induction heat sealing to its production process.
Otófé Case Study
Otófé was in search of an effective sealing method to maintain the freshness and taste of its culinary sauce. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and added induction seals to its containers.
Shaws Case Study
Shaws, a producer of chutneys, relishes and sauces, has reaped the benefits of induction heat sealing for over 20 years. The company has recently upgraded its unit to one of Enercon’s most powerful machines.
Tropic Skincare Case Study
Tropic Skincare, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, was in search of a solution that would provide tamper evidence and leak prevention for its products. The company contacted Enercon Industries and integrated a manual induction cap sealer into its production to provide strong hermetic seals to its containers.
Vetoquinol Biowet Sp z o.o. Case Study
Vetoquinol Biowet Sp Zoo have upgraded from a cheap manual induction cap sealer to an Enercon inline Super Seal™ 75. The change has delivered increased production capability at a lower cost and better quality consistent hermetic seals.
Whitehills Case Study
Whitehills Supplements, a manufacturer of protein powders, was in need of a solution to avoid damaged seals and customer complaints. To achieve this, the company decided to introduce induction sealing equipment from Enercon Industries to its production line, to provide its containers with strong hermetic seals.
Wyepak Case Study
While the packaging and filling specialists from Wyepak were working for a bike cleaner brand, they discovered the bottles were leaking too frequently. Having worked with Enercon Industries in the past, Wyepak convinced their customer to move to induction cap sealing for stronger and more reliable seals.
Zipz Case Study
The wine company Zipz Inc was in need of an alternative method to conduction to seal single serve glasses of wine. The company switched to induction cap sealing to solve the problem of too many leakers.