Super Seal™ Pro | Up to 40 m per minute
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Super Seal™ Pro induction cap sealer

Launching soon – the industry’s most sophisticated touch screen induction sealer

This single coil induction cap sealer was created to provide users with ease-of-use, more control and improved data connectivity.

The easy to use 7” touch screen is available in multiple languages and comes with supervisory password protection and recipe management as standard features.

In addition to basic operating functions, the sealer’s interface also offers integrated tools for improved data connectivity.

The new addition of a USB drive allows for easier in-field software updates, and downloads of detailed event, fault and maintenance logs.

The system’s built in artificial intelligence means that should a fault occur, the machine will have automatically captured critical system data before, during and after, which can then be downloaded to the USB device and sent back to Enercon’s support team for analysis and rapid troubleshooting.

The Super Seal™ Pro also comes with expanded network options for remote control and monitoring to suit virtually any network protocols.

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Super Seal™ Pro – Intuitive touch screen makes setup & improved data connectivity

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Super Seal™ Pro is ideal for packaging environments that operate lines running up to 40 metres per minute.