How are Enercon cap sealing machines different from Cheap Imports?

The Electromagnetic induction energy produced by an Enercon Induction Cap Sealer is shielded to prevent the induction energy from going anywhere except to the neck of the container being sealed. Enercon sealers are CE and EMC compliant which is usually not the case with cheap imports.

An Enercon Induction Heat Sealer has a separate power unit and sealing head so the sealing heads can be changed to seal different applications quickly and easily.

  • Cheap imports rarely offer interchangeable coils needed for different applications, so if your production changes the sealer become obsolete.

  • The engineering quality of an Enercon Induction Cap Sealer allows us to set up an “operating window” for an application. Once set the machine will deliver 100% reliable seals time after time. No matter if there is one or a line of product under the sealing head.

  • The engineering quality of a cheap import cannot deliver such reliable results so you cannot be certain of seal quality.

  • Our machines are built to last with quality components, that require little maintenance and continuously seal container after container for year after year.

    We efficiently offer fast service and spare parts in case you require urgent technical assistance.

  • This is rarely the case with a cheap imported machine, where they often need to “rest” between sealing operations and there is no service capability offered, or spare parts available.

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“The size and scale of our new dairy reinforces Arla’s leadership within the UK dairy industry and we have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to next generation fresh milk processing.”

Peter Lauritzen, CEO of Arla Foods UK


“I would recommend Enercon Industries to other manufacturers, both for product performance and the benefits gained from the use of its sealing equipment.”

Paul Banks, Purchasing and Supply Director at Chemfix


“We chose Enercon’s induction sealing equipment for its reputation within the industry for reliability… We have not had any issues with any of Enercon’s induction sealers since installation – not a single breakdown in over eight years. I wish other machinery would run this well.”

Mark Leverington, Supply Chain Manager at Clarks


“You can’t put a price tag on dependability. Customer complaints are nearly eliminated and 99% of our problems were solved with the induction sealer – it was a godsend.”

Darryl King, Director of Operations for Floratine
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