Enercon produces a range of sensors to help ensure that the sealing process is running faultlessly, producing consistent, reliable seals on every container.

Induction cap sealing is one of the last processes that products undergo when travelling from raw materials to shipped product through the factory.

Many of the issues causing poor seals happen upstream, in the filling or capping area: a seal cannot be achieved with a missing cap or a cap with a missing foil.

The capper can also cause stalled bottles under the induction coil where caps are loose or partially fitted or the cap is incorrectly fitted or too high. Issues downstream from the induction cap sealer can cause containers to back- up under the sealing head.

Super Seal Induction Sealer with full sensor package

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Enercon offers a range of sensors that will detect the faults described to give you peace of mind that your sealing operation is running faultlessly.

Everyday our Induction Cap Sealing technology is trusted to seal over 75 million containers in Europe alone.

Induction heat sealing has transformed the way foods/products are sealed. An induction seal/sealing machine is a neccesity in a lot of industries to stop leaks and provide tamper evidence. This image showcases a catalogue of products sealed by our induction cap sealers.

Case Studies



GlaxoSmithKline was struggling to hermetically seal an oval-shaped Horlicks container with a ‘snap-on’ cap. The company contacted Enercon Industries for their expert advice and a solution.



“Enercon has created a unique tunnel coil that allows for even distribution of energy over the neck of the container to achieve the perfect seal without overheating”

Dave Broadhead, Director at Lindens Apothecary


“Enercon’s machines are the only induction sealers we can use to seal our gourmet culinary sauces because of the different style cap. We are also able to change the sealing heads very easily, which allows us to seal different sized products without losing production time.”

Carlos Prino, Industrial Projects Director at Mendes
Reliable seal quality at the core of our performance