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Enercon Industries encourages more women to enter the manufacturing industry as part of International Women’s Day

8th March, 2016|

Enercon Industries, the global leader in induction cap sealing, is encouraging more women to pursue a career in manufacturing as part of International Women’s Day. As statistics show that women comprise roughly a quarter of the industry’s workforce, the Aylesbury-based company is hoping to highlight the importance of more women joining the sector. Julie Bull, Director at Enercon Industries, is among the female minority to sit on a corporate board in the UK.

Unilever and Enercon Industries’ induction sealing technology win Package of the Year award

9th November, 2015|

The 2015 Package of the Year Award was presented to Unilever and its nominated vendor Enercon Industries for the new and innovative Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Squeeze bottle.

Coffee company moves to ‘cleaner’ method of sealing jars by switching to induction heat sealing

28th July, 2015|

A flavoured coffee company has switched to induction sealing after deciding its former sealing method was ‘outdated’ and ‘messy’.

Enercon nominated for multiple PPMA Group Industry Awards

18th August, 2014|

Enercon Industries Ltd, the global leader in induction heat sealing, has been shortlisted for two prestigious awards. The Aylesbury-based company has been named as a finalist in two categories of the Processing and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) Group Industry Awards 2014

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