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Super Seal™ Junior

Enercon’s manual induction cap sealer.

The Super Seal™ Junior manual induction cap sealer offers the benefits of high-quality induction sealing to start-up operations, product validation and short production runs.

The Enercon hand-held cap sealer deliver reliable, repeatable induction sealing and feature quality aids such as batch counters and no-foil indicators, which are often only found on inline production machines.

Our unique coil design facilitates the sealing of a wide range of caps including flat, sauce dispensing and conical caps, at diameters from 15 – 150mm. Other hand-held devices will only seal flat caps.

The quality, reliability, and safety and support of the Super Seal™ Junior is the same as our high-volume inline production machines.

Our hand-held machines are virtually maintenance free and seal continuously time after time for many years without fault. One customer commented “over 19 years this Enercon has only cost me less than a price of a small cup of an average take away coffee, one once a week!”

You can compare the differences between an Enercon hand-held induction cap sealer and a cheap import here.

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Super Seal™ Junior – Ideal for start-ups, product validation and laboratory environments.

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Super Seal™ Junior- The portable induction cap sealer

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Case Studies



KLEAN Spa, a brand of all-natural beauty products, was suffering from customer complaints and costly damages as a result of products leaking. To solve this issue and protect its reputation, a portable induction cap sealer was introduced to the company’s production process.



Tropic Skincare, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, was in search of a solution that would provide tamper evidence and leak prevention for its products. The company contacted Enercon Industries and integrated a manual induction cap sealer into its production to provide strong hermetic seals to its containers.



Otófé was in search of an effective sealing method to maintain the freshness and taste of its culinary sauce. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and added induction seals to its containers.

Reliable seal quality at the core of our performance