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A leading Spanish manufacturer of phytosanitary products has been benefiting from the advantages of Enercon´s induction sealing for 30 years.

Probelte S.A was in search of a solution to avoid counterfeiting and guarantee safe transportation of its agrochemical products when exported.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

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Case Study

The Spanish manufacturer of agrochemical products for nutrition and plant health, integrated induction sealing to guarantee the authenticity of its products and to extend the shelf life within its internationalization project.

Leaks and filtrations of agrochemical products can cause unwanted consequences if they are not safely protected during its transportation. Mr. Casanova, manager of Probelte, talks about the importance of induction sealing in the agrochemical sector: “To export our products and open new markets we needed a sealing technology to protect our products during the transportation with total security.” “We knew that induction sealing would improve our brand image and product protection.” “To some extent, thanks to induction cap sealing we can comply to the high standards of quality required in the 53 countries we export our products.”

Probelte discovered an additional benefit since they are using Enercon induction sealers: “Our products arrive in better conditions to Asia and South America after more than a month of shipping.” Shipping distance is a factor that reduces the shelf life of our products. However, the hermetic seals of this technology allow us to extend the shelf life… for almost a year!

In addition, Probelte S.A uses induction seals with its printed logo to protects its products against counterfeiting: “We used to have problems of tampering and counterfeiting in Asia and South America. Sometimes our containers were filled with other products and other times we found our products diluted with water. We've avoided this problem since the first day we started to induction seal”

Currently Probelte has 7 Super Seal™ machines. After 30 years using Enercon’s induction sealers and receiving the recommendations from Quatropack, Enercon’s supplier in Spain, Mr. Casanova commented: “Our experience with Enercon’s machines is excellent. We are talking about very reliable and durable machines. Equally, Quatropack provides an unbeatable service and support. They are very agile and efficient.”

“After so many years, I would strongly recommend Enercon induction sealing machines and Quatropack service to other companies that need this technology.”

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“After so many years, I would strongly recommend Enercon induction sealing machines and Quatropack service to other companies that need this technology.”

Mr. Casanova, Manager of Probelte
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