Induction sealed products from The Protein Works

Premium sports nutrition brand, The Protein Works, selected Enercon Industries’ world-leading range of inline induction sealers for a fast and automated foil sealing process.

The automated machines, which seal a foil liner to protein powders, sports pills, and nut butters, have resulted in improved production speeds of around 50%, reduced labour costs by a similar margin, and a major improvement in sealing consistency through the removal of any operator error.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

Launched in 2012, The Protein Works was determined to be not just another also-ran when it entered the highly competitive sports nutrition marketplace, they were determined to rock the foundations of the complacent industry. It has rocketed from humble beginnings to being a multi award-winning company with over a million online orders worldwide.

Central to its success has been the dedication to premium ingredients, genuine innovation and intense tasting products which drives customer satisfaction. So, The Protein Works wanted premium packaging to match their premium products, and from the get-go, they heat sealed their containers with an Enercon Industries' handheld induction sealer, the Super Seal™ Junior. The induction sealer creates a hermetic seal that provides tamper evidence, increases shelf-life, and preserves the vital flavours and nutritional value of the product.

Sam Chisnell, Head of Manufacturing at The Protein Works explained, “Ensuring that our customers receive the safest and best product out there is at the heart of what we do, and it starts with our induction seals. Our customers will first see the induction foil seal and will make a judgement on our product, so it is vital to ensure that our product is protected, and the customer feels the full value of what they are about to enjoy!”

This new approach to the protein market, has seen previously unknown flavours such as: Millionaires Shortbread, Cookies and Cream and their newest invention Chocolate Digestive. They have also had around 60 new products rolling off the innovation conveyor belt, including Protein Pancakes, Protein Porridge, Vegan Wondershake, Loaded Nut Butters and Diet Super Greens. It’s no wonder that they have already seen increased demand for their products.

After outgrowing the Enercon handheld induction sealer, the Super Seal™ Junior, The Protein Works went back to Enercon, and have since installed two Super Seal™ 75s onto their packaging production line. The induction machines seal powders, pills, and peanut butters in containers with lids from 30mm to 120mm.

Sam Chisnell commented. “The move from hand-held sealing to an automatic induction sealer was surprisingly easy. Working with Enercon’s UK Sales Manager Chris Mulcock, the process was speedy and efficient. After a demonstration at headquarters – the results were clear to see. Installation was simple too, with the Enercon engineer staying on-site until we were fully comfortable operationally, and able to achieve the production speed and seal quality we wanted. I have been impressed with the communication, even after the installs, to ensure that we are still experiencing the benefits. It made a medium-sized project very easy to complete in a relatively short amount of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Enercon to anyone needing an induction sealing solution.

“We have seen improved productions speeds of around 50% and reduced our labour costs by a similar margin due to the move to automating our sealing process. But most importantly we have also seen a major improvement in the consistency of the induction seals which we know is vital to our customers overall experience of our products.”

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Induction foil sealed products from The Protein Works

“We have seen improved production speeds of around 50% and reduced our labour costs by a similar margin due to the move to automating our sealing process."

Sam Chisnell, Head of Manufacturing at The Protein Works