Enercon eliminates conduction sealing leaks for wine company

The wine company Zipz Inc was in need of an alternative method to conduction to seal single serve glasses of wine. The company switched to induction cap sealing to solve the problem of too many leakers.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

Enercon Industries has helped eliminate leaks caused by conduction sealing for an award-winning wine company, Zipz Inc.

Thanks to Enercon’s world leading induction sealing technology, spillages are now a thing of the past for the premium wine brand Zipz Inc.

Before discovering Enercon and induction heat sealing, the Californian company was using the alternative sealing method of conduction. As a result its wine – which is packed in single serve PET glasses – suffered from too many leakers, which can be a frequent result with conduction sealing.

The original design incorporated a hot-plate conduction seal of a foil-based membrane to the rim of the container. During the sealing process, the headspace in each container is back flushed with nitrogen gas to drive out ambient air that could have a negative effect on wine quality and shelf life. This back flushed nitrogen causes a certain amount of internal pressure to build up in the headspace, and the conduction seal was just not able to hold.

Not wanting to stain the company’s reputation, CEO, J. Henry Scott, began looking for an alternative that offered a more successful seal.

Scott enlisted the consulting services of Bruce Cleevely, retired Vice President of Product Development for Berry Plastics, to find a solution. That solution was to move to induction sealing using an Enercon Super Seal™ Touch system and a Selig Lift n’Peel™ induction liner.

The Super Seal™ Touch was highly recommended by Cleevely, who has years of familiarity with Enercon equipment and technologies.

The innovative machine features touch-screen interface, internal monitoring, recipe management, password security, descriptive fault information, and trouble-shooting support. A fully integrated inspection system also detects stalled containers, missing foil membranes, and cocked caps. J. Henry Scott, Founder and CEO of Zipz Inc., said: Conduction sealing and PET were not a good mix. Induction sealing is a superior technology. It produces more consistent seals and fewer failures.

Speaking about Enercon, he added: Enercon has been a very good packaging partner and has been very helpful in the installation and integration process. I would recommend them to anyone looking for induction sealing equipment. We haven’t had a leak since installing the Enercon induction sealer.

The Super Seal™ Touch is just one of the Enercon range of cap sealers, which provide state of the art technology to a wide range of industries – from food, beverage and pharmaceutical to industrial and cosmetic, all across the world. To find out more about the world leading range, click here.


"Induction sealing is a superior technology compared to conduction sealing. It produces more consistent seals and fewer failures. We haven’t had a leak since installing the Enercon sealer."

J. Henry Scott, Founder and CEO of Zipz Inc.