Enercon Industries seals a uniquely shaped pharmaceutical container with induction cap sealing technology.

Healthspan, a mail-order supplier of vitamins, minerals and health supplements, was in search of a solution to hermetically seal a thin rectangular-shaped container. The company contacted Enercon Industries, and was able to seal its uniquely shaped container thanks to a specially designed induction sealing coil.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

Healthspan, a UK mail-order supplier of vitamins and health supplements, uses induction technology to seal a thin rectangular-shaped container, for tamper evidence and customer satisfaction.

The traditional round containers used for pills and vitamins were causing increased delivery costs and inconvenience, particularly if the package was to be collected at the Post Office.

This slim line pack allows the company to reduce these costs and post the package directly through the average UK letterbox; however the container’s particular shape presented the company with difficulties when trying to apply a strong hermetic seal to its rectangular neck.

In need of a solution, Healthspan contacted Enercon Industries’ sealing specialists.

Brian Tyndall, UK Sales Manager at Enercon, said: “The difficulty with the uniqueness of this slim lined shape meant it was vital to create the right balance of energy around the lid of the container without causing the foil seal to scorch.

“To avoid overheating and achieve the perfect seal, we were able to use one of the unique range of Enercon designed tunnel coils, which allowed for the even distribution of energy over the neck of the container.”

With the ever increasing demands on the pharmaceutical industry, induction cap sealing is a popular choice for companies who require tamper evidence, product freshness and customer satisfaction.

The Healthspan packet is just one example of how Enercon has helped to revolutionise pharmaceutical packaging with induction cap sealing.

The success of this packet has now been followed with a similar container from RPC, the global leading supplier of plastic containers.

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