Can my product be induction sealed?2021-12-02T12:06:17+00:00

99% of all products can be induction sealed in glass and plastic containers. Enercon currently works with companies in the following industries:

  • Automotive

  • Beverage

  • Chemical

  • Cosmetic

  • Dairy

  • Food

  • Household

  • Pharmaceutical

An induction seal can be applied to:

  • Liquid products like beverages and automotive oil
  • Hot, ambient or chilled products

  • Dried products like coffee, herbs and powders

Over the past 40 years, Enercon has sealed everything from wine to water, protein powder to peanut butter and engine oil to olive oil. If you’re unsure if your product can be foil sealed, contact us via the enquiry form or call +44(0)1296 330542. If you are new to heat sealing, you may find our Beginner’s Guide to Induction Cap Sealing useful.

Product size – how big a container (neck) can I seal?2021-07-12T11:29:39+01:00

You can seal containers with a cap diameter of up to 150mm.

Product shape – does my cap have to be round?2021-07-12T11:34:17+01:00

No – with the developments in induction sealing, containers no longer need a round neck and cap.

It is possible to seal a variety of shapes from ovals through to the slim-line postal packs that are popular in the pharmaceutical industry.

However, if you have an unusual shaped container, we may advise you to take advantage of our free application testing to ensure you can achieve a perfect seal.

Capless sealing – is it possible to seal foil onto a container without a cap?2021-07-12T11:43:46+01:00

Yes, it is possible to seal a foil onto a container without a cap. Please contact us for further information.

Does a higher kilowatt (KW) rating increase a sealer’s performance?2021-10-27T10:23:31+01:00

No, a higher KW rating does not necessarily increase an induction cap sealer’s performance.

While it is true that a higher KW rating means the system is more powerful, it doesn’t always result in improved sealing rates.

The most important aspect for performance is how the energy is transferred from one part of the system to another.

This is where our induction sealing machines excel.

Our team of experts has created a unique range of sealing coils that achieve an efficient and effective power transfer from the power supply all the way to the foil seal.

This means our machines will focus the inductive energy towards the container as opposed to all different directions around the coil.

As a result, the equipment’s KW consumption can often be halved, resulting in a reduction in energy costs and providing a more environmentally friendly solution for our customers.

Glass – can I seal onto glass containers?2021-07-12T12:11:09+01:00

Yes, sealing onto glass is possible.

However, most glass containers are treated when produced so it is essential to order the correct type of foil, as the polymer on the foil must match the treating agent used on the glass.

Here at Enercon, we offer customers free application testing to check if the product is suitable before a machine is purchased. Contact us to find out more.

Are all induction coils the same?2021-12-03T14:19:53+00:00

No, to create a good seal the induction energy must be delivered to the top of the neck of the container. The height, shape and size of the cap will define the coil you need.

Enercon has the largest selection of coils in the market and offer bespoke coil development in the unlikely event one of our standard coils does not achieve a good seal.

Learn more about our range of induction heat sealing coils here.

How are Enercon machines different from Cheap Imports?2021-10-27T10:43:40+01:00

The Electromagnetic induction energy produced by an Enercon Induction Cap Sealer is shielded to prevent the induction energy from going anywhere except to the neck of the container being sealed. Enercon sealers are CE and EMC compliant which is usually not the case with cheap imports.

Our hand-held machines are of identical quality to our inline products, they require little maintenance and go on sealing container after container for year after year. We have many customers who have bought an Enercon after their “cheap” import has failed for the second or third time.

Our longest running customer machine has been sealing continuously for over 28 years.

PET – can I seal onto PET containers?2021-07-12T12:13:17+01:00

Yes, sealing onto PET is much easier but again, you must ensure you are using the correct type of foil.

Your foil provider should advise you on this, but if you are unsure, our experts are here to help.

Foils – what sorts of foils are available and where do I buy them from?2021-07-12T12:16:33+01:00

There are many options of foils starting with a simple aluminium disc through to digitally printed foils featuring a company’s own branding.

Foils can be peelable with a tab for easy opening too. The peel strength is also variable and can be adjusted to your preferred strength.

Again, if your containers are PET or glass, make sure your cap supplier knows the type of material and the treating agent used on the surface, as the polymer of the foil must match.

Your current cap manufacturer can advise on delivering your caps with the appropriate foil inserted. If you don’t currently use a cap (or container) we can provide you with a list of manufacturers in your area.

Once you have your caps with foils, all you need is the Enercon induction heat sealer and you are ready to go.

Which Induction Cap Sealer is best for me?2021-07-12T12:19:57+01:00

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting which model to purchase. Enercon’s specialists can advise you on choosing a suitable sealer that will match your needs.

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