The Three Main Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Why Induction Seal Household Products

Leak prevention, customer satisfaction and extended shelf life are the three main benefits that manufacturers of household products cite for moving to induction cap sealing.

The strong and reliable seal provided by induction cap sealing technology offers protection against costly issues such as returns from distributors, which can occur when a container leaks.

An intact seal also ensures the final user of the product’s integrity and proves that the product is of the same quality when it reaches the customer as when it left the production line, therefore increasing consumer confidence and brand reputation.

Induction heat sealing is suitable for a variety of liquids, gels and powders such as cleaning agents, washing powders, soaps and bleaches.

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Case Studies



KIK Custom Products, a manufacturer of private label household products, uses induction cap sealing as a reliable sealing solution for one of its principal products. Since the addition of induction sealing technology to its production line, the company has praised the benefits obtained by the use of its Enercon equipment.



Greyland Limited, a manufacturer of cleaning and chemical products, needed a solution to prevent its carpet cleaner from leaking during transport. To solve the problem, Greyland contacted Enercon Industries and purchased a manual induction cap sealer, the Super Seal™ Junior, and has now eliminated leaks.

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