Growing manufacturer of health supplements uses induction technology to seal an innovative container.

Lindens Apothecary, a manufacturer of health supplements, was faced with the challenge of sealing a rectangular shaped container. The company contacted Enercon Industries for a solution and integrated one of our best-selling sealers to its production line.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

Enercon Industries has helped create a perfect seal for an innovative pharmaceutical product.

Lindens Apothecary, a British manufacturer and packer of health supplements, approached Enercon Industries with an issue – they were struggling to seal foil to the neck of a rectangular-shaped container.

“Health supplements require a total seal, both to protect the product from the atmosphere and to reassure customers that the product has not been tampered with,” said Dave Broadhead, Director at Lindens Apothecary.

“However, the rectangular neck on the bottle presented us with problems as most induction sealing equipment is designed for a round neck.”

Lindens required a solution to meet the new packaging requirements and ensure a strong and reliable seal for these innovative containers.

Mr Broadhead added: “Being quite flexible, we found that the bottles, PontPacks, could easily burst their seal when being handled roughly.

“As many of our products are ultimately sold mail-order, damaged seals could be a large and expensive problem.”

The company started researching induction heat sealing machines and approached a number of industry contacts for advice.

“I was aware that Enercon’s induction sealing machines had a reputation for longevity and reliability so I contacted the company and spoke to Brian Tyndall [UK Sales Director],” said Mr Broadhead.

“It was clear that Brian had a wealth of experience which he was more than happy to share with us.

“We’re not engineers, nor are we packaging specialists, so Brian’s advice was needed, welcome and critical.”

After discussing the project in depth, Lindens purchased a Super Seal™ 75.

Brian Tyndall commented: “Because the container is designed to be thin enough to be posted through the average UK letterbox, it can be difficult to seal.

“The difficulty with a rectangular shape means it is vital to create the right balance of energy around the lid of the container without causing the seal to scorch.

“However, Enercon has created a unique tunnel coil that allows for even distribution of energy over the neck of the container to achieve the perfect seal without overheating.”

Talking about the Super Seal™ 75, Mr Broadhead of Lindens added: “It took less than an hour to set up and start running.

“It delivers 100% reliable seals that do not blow, even if the finished product is dropped or roughly handled.

“I would happily recommend the product, the pre-sales support and the post-sales service we have received from Enercon.”

Lindens supplies over 400 types of health supplements throughout the UK and Europe. Find out more about Lindens here, or to find out more about Enercon Industries.

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"Our Super Seal™ 75 took less than an hour to set up and start running. It delivers 100% reliable seals that do not blow, even if the finished product is dropped or roughly handled."

Dave Broadhead, Director at Lindens Apothecary