Super Seal™ Max | Up to 100 metres per minute
Induction Heat Sealer Super Seal™ Max

The Super Seal™ Max Induction Cap Sealer

The Super Seal™ Max is the fastest induction cap sealer on the market

The Super Seal™ Max is the fastest inline sealer on the market, with a dual coil it’s designed for high-speed packaging lines running at up to 100 metres per minute.

This dual coil induction cap sealer offers increased power and a multi-language touch screen for a simpler operation.

This advanced induction cap sealer delivers reliable sealing with a diverse operating window that compensates for cap, liner and container tolerance variations.

The air-cooled power pack is separate from the induction sealing coils so that you can change coils quickly and easily if you need to seal different products on one production line.

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Super Seal™ Max – Maximum sealing power for challenging applications

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Super Seal™ Max is ideal for packaging environments that operate lines running up to 100 metres per minute.

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Case Studies



“GlaxoSmithKline was struggling to hermetically seal an oval-shaped Horlicks container with a ‘snap-on’ cap. The company contacted Enercon Industries for their expert advice and a solution.”



“The coffee manufacturer Beanies Flavour Co, was in need of a cleaner sealing method for the production of its flavoured instant coffee. For this particular need, induction cap sealing proved to be a more effective alternative to glue.”



“The wine company Zipz Inc was in need of an alternative method to conduction to seal single serve glasses of wine. The company switched to induction cap sealing to solve the problem of too many leakers.”

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