Super Seal™ | Up to 30 metres per minute
Enercon Super Seal Induction Cap Sealer
  • New display simplifies setup, operation & troubleshooting
  • Local/Remote modes for start/stop & power level
  • Seals a variety of caps ranging from 20 – 150m
  • System settings in a single level menu
  • High efficiency plug-in induction sealing coils to maximise performance and minimise energy costs
  • Compact and air-cooled
  • Power supply electronics are housed in an IP55 enclosure
  • Fully compliant with all UK and European regulations
  • Fully adjustable stainless-steel stand for different container heights
    • High quality, robust stainless-steel construction
    • Excellent stability
    • Fine adjustment to achieve optimum distance to the foil
    • Holds the sealing head level and square over the conveyor
    • Easily manoeuvrable with optional locking wheels
  • Dimensions 580 x 880 x 1524-1824mm (WxDxH)
  • Power Supply:
    • Super Seal™ 300: single phase, 230V 50Hz, 5amps
    • Super Seal™ 400: single phase, 230V 50Hz, 7amps
    • Super Seal™ 600: single phase, 230V 50Hz, 10amps

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The following integrated sensors are available:

  • Stalled Bottle and Backlog Detector:
    Jammed containers or stopped bottles that remain under the induction sealer could become a potential safety hazard. The sensor detects these faults and stops power reaching the induction coil.
  • Missing Foil Sensor:
    This sensor detects if a foil liner is present in the cap; if there is no foil in the cap, the container cannot be sealed.

Stack Light Assembly:

  • A visual aid that gives a green light to indicate that the unit is functioning correctly and a red light to indicate that no power is being supplied to the sealing head.

Stack Light Assembly with Sounder:

  • The Stack Light is also available with an 85dB audible alarm. This sounder works in unison with the red light by indicating when the induction sealer is on, but not running correctly. This is useful for production environments which are noisy or where the machine isn’t in direct sight.

Variable Line Speed Control via a 0-10V signal cable:

  • An analogue signal that allows the customer to use their own PLC/control system to adjust the power level on the Enercon.

Machine stand wheels:

  • Stainless steel housed, high compression rubber wheels can be fitted in addition to the standard frame foot pads to allow for ease of unit manoeuvrability. Two brakes are included to allow the induction sealer to be locked into position.

Spare Parts Kits:

  • Various kits available on request.

IQ/OQ Kit:

  • Enercon Industries will provide the documentation for IQ/OQ.

There is a variety of sealing coils available with the Super Seal™ range of induction cap sealers to suit a wide range of sealing requirements.

Enercon has two coil design types, each with a number of variations, to ensure the perfect coil is available for the size and type of the container and cap for your application to deliver perfect, consistent seals.

Tunnel Coils facilitate higher throughputs than the more traditional flat coils. The Deep Tunnel coil is used for conical, spouted, and other shaped caps.

Whereas Flat Coils give the flexibility to seal caps from 60 – 150 mm.  The All-in-One Coil is a variation of the Flat Coil, this flat sealing head is now available for the new range. It can be easily adjusted to accommodate different sized caps, from 20-120mm. It is ideal for packagers who seal a variety of containers and offers the highest degree of sealing versatility.

At Enercon we take into consideration the cap diameter and height, the line speed and the type of foil liner needed for the application before recommending the sealing head.

Our technical experts will match your requirements to one of our unique coils to help you achieve maximum productivity with minimum energy requirements.

Virtually all Enercon sealing heads built in the last 15 years are compatible with the new Super Seal™ range.

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The new Super Seal™ induction cap sealers

The new Super Seal™ Induction Cap Sealer Range – The latest generation of the world’s best-selling induction cap sealers

Available in three models

  • Super Seal™ 300
  • Super Seal™ 400
  • Super Seal™ 600

We have built on the proven design of the Super Seal™ range of induction cap sealers, to bring new features to give more value to packagers.

The new Super Seal™ compact induction cap sealers are available in three power levels to directly replace the Super Seal™ 50, 75 and 100. There are a variety of sealing heads available to optimise sealing performance for your specific applications. The new range is compatible with virtually all Enercon induction sealing coils built in the last 15 years.

The new Super Seal range has an easy to use operator interface provides users with operational indicators as well as a simplified menu-driven display for advanced feature control. Optional quality control sensors are now mechanically and electronically integrated.

Like its predecessor the new Super Seal™ range is easily installed into existing production lines and the air-cooled power pack is separate from the induction sealing coil so that you can change induction coils quickly and easily if you need to seal different products on one production line.

The stainless-steel stand is fully adjustable to allow for different container heights and is also suitable for food or clean environments.

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The new Super Seal™ range of Induction Cap Sealers – The latest generation of the world’s best-selling induction cap sealers

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The Super Seal™ range is ideal for packaging environments that operate lines running between 1 – 30 metres per minute.

The new Super Seal™ 300,400,600 range of induction cap sealers

Case Studies



An animal health facility has installed a new, state-of-the-art automated processing line that incorporates induction heat sealing. Their aim was to find a company that could create an automated packaging line to enable the fulfilment of higher volume contracts.



While the packaging and filling specialists from Wyepak were working for a bike cleaner brand, they discovered the bottles were leaking too frequently. Having worked with Enercon Industries in the past, Wyepak convinced their customer to move to induction cap sealing for stronger and more reliable seals.

Orchard Valley Foods


Orchard Valley Foods, a manufacturer of edible baking decorations, required a solution that would increase the shelf life and ensure the freshness of its products. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduce induction heat sealing to its production process.

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