The Three Main Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Why Induction Seal Cosmetics Products

The brand image and reputation of a cosmetics brand is crucial, which is why cosmetic companies use induction cap sealing.

Tamper evidence and product freshness are the two main benefits obtained by the use of induction cap sealing.

The intact seal provided by induction technology can go a long way for your brand by protecting your product from germs and temperature variations as well as ensuring customers that the product has not been tampered with or spoiled.

This is particularly useful in cases of ‘friendly tampering’ – where a customer tests a product inside the store and then places it back on the shelf in a used and unattractive condition.

The damaged and handled product can be a problem for stores as customers often refuse to buy a product that has been opened.

However, for products where the scent is an important selling point, scented foils are now available to allow the customer to smell the product without spoiling its appearance.

A further benefit of a hermetic seal is that it prevents oxidation, therefore increasing the product’s shelf life by stopping it from drying out and solidifying.

Induction sealing machines are suitable for a wide range of products, including creams, balms, scrubs, shampoo and bath salts.

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Case Studies



Tropic Skincare, a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, was in search of a solution that would provide tamper evidence and leak prevention for its products. The company contacted Enercon Industries and integrated a manual induction cap sealer into its production to provide strong hermetic seals to its containers.



KLEAN Spa, a brand of all-natural beauty products, was suffering from customer complaints and costly damages as a result of products leaking. To solve this issue and protect its reputation, a portable induction cap sealer was introduced to the company’s production process.



Lavendula de Simiane, manufacturer of cosmetic floral waters, was in search of a solution against product leakage. To achieve this, the company contacted Enercon Industries, and integrated an induction heat sealer to its production for the application of strong, hermetic seals.

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