The Three Main Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Why Induction Seal Pharmaceutical Products

Tamper evidence, counterfeit protection and extended shelf life are among the reasons companies in the pharmaceutical and health industries rely on induction cap sealing.

Ever since the Chicago Tylenol murders – a series of poisoning deaths resulting from drug tampering in the 1980s – regulations have been in place requiring over-the-counter substances to have tamper-resistant packaging.

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to achieve tamper evidence is through an induction seal.

Certain types of foil seals cannot be removed without leaving evidence on the lip of the container – this alerts the consumer that someone has tampered with the product.

Induction heat sealing is also being used to tackle the growing issue of counterfeit medicines; it is estimated that around 1 million people die every year from ingesting fake drugs.

Using technology such as induction sealing can prevent counterfeiters from imitating your product and damaging your brand’s reputation.

A further benefit of induction cap sealing is protecting medicines and health supplements from moisture and germs – therefore extending the shelf life.

Induction sealing is suitable for a wide range of products, including prescription medicine, vitamin pills and protein powder.

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Case Studies



Healthspan, a mail-order supplier of vitamins, minerals and health supplements, was in search of a solution to hermetically seal a thin rectangular-shaped container. The company contacted Enercon Industries, and was able to seal its uniquely shaped container thanks to one of a specially designed induction sealing coil.



Whitehills Supplements, a manufacturer of protein powders, was in need of a solution to avoid damaged seals and customer complaints. To achieve this, the company decided to introduce induction sealing equipment from Enercon Industries to its production line, to provide its containers with strong hermetic seals.



Lindens Apothecary, a manufacturer of health supplements, was faced with the challenge of sealing a rectangular shaped container. The company contacted Enercon Industries for a solution and integrated one of our best-selling sealers to its production line.

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