Manufacturer of protein supplements uses induction cap sealing to ensure strong seals and meet customer requirements.

Whitehills Supplements, a manufacturer of protein powders, was in need of a solution to avoid damaged seals and customer complaints. To achieve this, the company decided to introduce induction sealing equipment from Enercon Industries to its production line, to provide its containers with strong hermetic seals.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

Whitehills Supplements, a manufacturer of protein supplements for body builders, opted for the use of Enercon Industries’ induction cap sealing equipment, in order to hermetically seal its containers and increase customer satisfaction.

“We use induction cap sealing because of customer demand,” said Richard Willmott, Director of Whitehills Supplements.

“It’s where the market is going and customers like to see a hermetically sealed package as this proves to them that the product has not been tampered with,”he added.

The protein supplements are manufactured by the company in the form of powders and packed into PPE containers of 3 to 6 Litres, which are then sealed with the use of induction cap sealing technology.

Speaking about the company’s sealing process, Mr Willmott added: “Induction sealing is particularly important for us and our product.

“It’s a quick process as there is no need to hold the foil down or worry about placing it properly onto the container during the sealing process; the capped containers are simply passed under the sealer, allowing a better flow to the production line.

“Induction cap sealing provides less chance of damage, so it’s perfect for our business.”

As protein powders are becoming increasingly popular, the number of competitors has increased and consumers look for products of a certain quality.

“Most manufacturers of the protein supplement industry seal their products by using induction technology, so it’s essential for us to meet these standards,” said Mr Willmott.

Talking about the company’s previous sealing solution, Mr Willmott said: “Our previous seals would get damaged.

“Induction cap sealing avoids us from delivering our products with damaged or fragile seals and getting calls back from our clients with complaints about the product.”

Whitehills Supplements has been sealing its containers with Enercon Industries’ Super SealTM Junior since 2012, having almost doubled its sealing capacity, which now reaches up to 6,000 containers a day.

“We chose Enercon’s handheld sealing unit for its affordable cost and easy use, and because it served the purpose perfectly for our small business,” said Mr Willmott.

“I would most certainly recommend Enercon Industries to other businesses.

“We actually got in touch with Enercon again recently because we are looking to expand our production,” he added.

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"Induction cap provides less chance of damage, so it’s perfect for our business"

Richard Willmott, Director of Whitehills Supplements