The Three Main Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Why Induction Seal Beverage Products

From water to wine, hot chocolate to instant coffee – induction cap sealing is an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of products in the beverages industry.

Induction cap sealing is suitable for various bottled drinks, including both liquid and powder products, whether chilled or ambient.

A strong, reliable, yet easy-to-peel seal ensures that the product is safe from spillage and contamination – reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and product wastage.

Another benefit that users of induction sealing cite is the ability to preserve the flavours and freshness of their beverages. By adding a foil seal oxidation is prevented, which helps keep the product fresh.

Induction sealing is also a suitable alternative for beverage manufacturers looking to move away from a tear band and become more eco-friendly. Adding an induction seal eliminates the need for a tear band and allows for the bottle’s neck and shoulder areas to be reduced – decreasing the overall closure weight and therefore the amount of plastic used.

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Case Studies



GlaxoSmithKline was struggling to hermetically seal an oval-shaped Horlicks container with a ‘snap-on’ cap. The company contacted Enercon Industries for their expert advice and a solution.



“The coffee manufacturer Beanies Flavour Co, was in need of a cleaner sealing method for the production of its flavoured instant coffee. For this particular need, induction cap sealing proved to be a more effective alternative to glue.”

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The wine company Zipz Inc was in need of an alternative method to conduction to seal single serve glasses of wine. The company switched to induction cap sealing to solve the problem of too many leakers.

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