Manufacturer of embalming fluid protects product thanks to induction cap sealing.

EEP, a manufacturer of embalming fluids, was in search of a reliable sealing solution to prevent its products from leaking and to provide them with more resistance to temperature variations. In order to do so, the company contacted Enercon Industries and introduced an induction cap sealer to its production line.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

A major manufacturer and supplier of embalming products has moved to induction cap sealing in order to prevent leaks and provide added safety to its users.

EEP, a UK-based company, was experiencing leakages of its embalming fluids, which are packed and shipped in 1 litre bottles.

Philippe Dubresson, Director of EEP, said: “We decided we wanted to move to induction cap sealing because we had many problems with caps that didn’t close properly and caused leaks.”

The company contact Enercon Industries and arranged for sealing trials to take place.

“We performed tests, and even while removing the cap, the container remained hermetically sealed thanks to the foil seal and the product maintained its quality,” said Mr Dubresson.

“A foil liner keeps the product within the container, even if the cap is fragile,” he added.

As well as providing the manufacturer with added protection against product leaks and secure transportation, induction cap sealing has also protected the product’s integrity and usability. Mr Dubresson commented: “Our products are often stored for some time before they are used by the embalmers so their preservation and the extension of their shelf life were essential to us.

“The degradation of embalming products due to heat is a common problem in our industry, but induction sealing protects our products from the heat and prevents it from evaporating or letting out fumes.

“This facilitates the use of the product and increases safety for the end user.

Together, these benefits have led to a competitive advantage for EEP, according to Mr Dubression.

He said: “Being able to hermetically seal our containers and ensure the preservation of our products is an advantage against our competition.”

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"Being able to hermetically seal our containers and ensure the preservation of our products is an advantage against our competition."

Philippe Dubresson, Director of EEP