GlaxoSmithKline applies an induction seal to its oval-shaped Horlicks container thanks to induction sealing technology

GlaxoSmithKline was struggling to hermetically seal an oval-shaped Horlicks container with a ‘snap-on’ cap. The company contacted Enercon Industries for their expert advice and a solution.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

A major multinational company has achieved a perfect seal on a problematic product thanks to Enercon Industries’ sealing specialists.

GlaxoSmithKline, owner of the Horlicks brand, had created a unique oval pillow-shaped pack for the nutritional hot drink to emphasise its reputation for helping people to sleep.

However, the snap-on cap lacked the required pressure for conventional induction sealing processes.

In need of a solution, GlaxoSmithKline contacted Enercon Industries.

Brian Tyndall, UK Sales Manager, said: “To ensure a strong seal for Horlicks, Enercon was able to integrate a customised Super Seal™ Max induction sealer with a Top Belt Sealer.

“This combination ensured that the required pressure would be applied to the cap and foil throughout the sealing process and create a perfect seal.”

Explaining the importance of an induction seal for the product, Mr Tyndall added: “A strong, hermetic seal is important for a powdered product such as Horlicks because it is very hygroscopic – meaning the powder will absorb moisture and turn into a solid.”

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