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A Czech manufacturer of nutritional products has moved from handheld to an Enercon automatic induction sealer to increase sealing output.

The Czech manufacturer who specialises in the manufacture of health & protein supplements, 4FITNESS, was in search of a high-end induction sealer to increase sealing production and guarantee product protection.

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The Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Case Study

One of the Czech Republic’s most progressive manufacturers of health and protein supplements, 4FITNESS, has changed from hand-held cap sealing methods to an Enercon inline induction heat sealer. This has allowed them to increase manufacturing output, provide tamper evidence and improve the shelf life of their products.

The protein powder market is exceptionally competitive across Europe, with bodybuilders, athletes and health conscious consumers expecting cost-effective results from their food supplements. As a result, packaging is extremely important, not only to attract the customer but also in helping to ensure that the product delivers the expected health gains.

Talking about the importance of induction cap sealing in the health & protein supplements sector Mr. Filip Degl, owner of 4FITNESS, said: “Induction sealing is becoming very important, we need to protect our products from contamination, leakages and counterfeiting. Our clients now expect 4FITNESS’ products to be induction cap sealed.”

The very nature of protein powders and health supplements means they are particularly susceptible to spoilage due to moisture and micro-organisms. In addition, even the smallest exposure to oxygen can drastically reduce the potency of the minerals and vitamins. So, when protein supplements are hermetically sealed, the shelf life is extended, and the user is guaranteed to receive the nutritional value stated on the label.

“Initially, we used glue to seal our products, but we soon discovered that gluing was unreliable and time consuming and, as we export our powders across Europe, we needed to ensure the product was safe in transportation.” explained Mr. Degl. “We moved to induction heat sealing because it offers reliability, speed and hermetic seals.”

Initially 4FITNESS started to induction seal using hand held induction sealer machines, but increasing product demand required faster and more cost-effective machines. “We wanted to increase our induction sealing output without losing the quality of our seals, so upgrading to an inline machine was the best option.”

After researching and evaluating the different options of inline automatic machines 4FITNESS chose the Enercon Super Seal™75. “We couldn’t take any risk with this type of investment as it is critical to our products’ success and our brand’s reputation, so we chose Enercon for the reliability, value and price mix of its machines. The fact that Enercon’s global service offering is so strong, and its ability to despatch spare parts anywhere within 24 hours, only helped to seal the deal.”

Enercon understands the importance of implementing a new sealing process for an organisation, and James Ramsey (one of Enercon’s sales experts in Europe) worked with 4FITNESS to provide personalised advice to specify the most suitable machine. Commenting on his experience of buying the Enercon Super Seal™75, Mr. Degl said: “We received an excellent and very quick response from James throughout the buying and installation process.”

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"We wanted to increase our induction sealing output without losing the quality of our seals, so upgrading to an inline machine was the best option"

Filip Degl, Owner of 4FITNESS