The Three Main Benefits Gained From Induction Cap Sealing

Why Induction Seal Cannabis & CBD Products

Tamper evidence, extended shelf life and safe and secure transportation are among the reasons companies in the medicinal cannabis and CBD industries rely on induction cap sealing.

It is a popular sealing choice for a diverse range of cannabis and CBD products, including gummies, flowers and plants, oils, and other liquids.

These products are packed in a wide variety of containers, including plastic, glass, and tin, and use a range of caps such as child resistant (CRC), continuous thread and dispensing caps.

The Benefits of Induction Sealing Cannabis & CBD Products

An induction seal can prevent odours escaping out of the packaging. By locking the aroma of cannabis inside a container, companies can benefit from discrete storage and transportation. This is ideal for cannabis prescriptions that need to be posted to a patient, or for businesses transporting large quantities of the packaged product.

An induction liner provides products with a hermetic seal. This creates a moisture and oxygen barrier to protect product freshness and integrity.
This is particularly important for medicinal cannabis in the dried flower form, as excess moisture can impact the stability and shelf-life of the product. By preventing the ingress of moisture, oxygen, and other contaminants, you can protect the quality and potency of buds, and prevent a potential health risk to the patients consuming it.
You can also minimise the moisture transmission rate through your container material. Plastics such as Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) are popular choices as they provide effective moisture barrier properties and are compatible with induction sealing.

For cannabis products in a liquid form, i.e. CBD or hemp oils, an induction seal is a reliable, quick, and cost-effective way to avoid leaks.
The technology used in induction sealing guarantees an airtight seal that can endure considerable pressure. This ensures your product will not leak during storage, the transportation process or before your consumer is ready to use your product.
Larger retailers and shipping companies, such as Amazon, require companies to add a form of leak protection to their liquid products. Induction sealing is an Amazon-approved solution.

An induction seal can add an element of tamper protection to your packaging. The foil seal must be removed or damaged to access the product, providing consumers with a visual indication of whether a product has been tampered with. It is already widely used within pharmaceutical and medical industries to both meet regulations and provide patients with peace of mind around the authenticity of the product.

The speed and simplicity of induction sealing is what makes it a popular choice for thousands of companies worldwide.
It takes up to a couple of seconds to induction seal a container, even with a handheld unit.

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So, whether you are looking to seal small quantities with a handheld sealer or have a larger production line in need of an inline induction machine, Enercon has a reliable and energy-efficient sealing solution for you.

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