Greg Wallace BBC Inside the Factory
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BBC Two’s “Inside the Factory” has given viewers an exclusive look behind the scenes at the production of freeze-dried instant coffee. The programme follows the coffee beans through the factory to the filled jars being induction sealed ready for dispatch.

Enercon’s induction cap sealers have been sealing at Nescafé factories around the world for over 15 years. Induction cap sealing achieves an air-tight seal when a capped container that has a foil inside the lid passes through an induction field. The foil instantaneously heats to create a seal, ensuring it is safe from tampering and you get that famous fresh coffee aroma when the foil is pierced.

Inside the Factory airs for an hour, but you can see Greg Wallace’s amazement at the mighty Enercon Super Seal™ Maxes sealing the famous gold foil at 53:35 minutes.

“That’s remarkable, that’s one of the most mysterious things I have ever seen in a factory”
Greg Wallace, TV presenter – Inside the factory