…this induction cap sealer cost less than one average priced small coffee per week!

We were contacted last week by a customer who bought an Enercon Compak Junior in the year 2000 and had been sealing with it daily, with no problems for the past 19 years until it was accidentally damaged.

Although this model was superseded by the Super Seal™ Junior some time ago, we still have a good stock of spare parts, but in the end the customer decided to buy a Super Seal™ Junior as this was slightly more cost effective and of course he would get a brand- new machine.

Our customer’s parting comment was “The Enercon has only cost me less than a price of a small cup of an average take away coffee, one once a week. Why do people still buy sealers from China, put up with the poor performance and reliability issues, no back up, no service or technical support. Just how many “cheap” Chinese units would have I bought over those 19 years!

At Enercon we pride ourselves on our engineering excellence, longevity, continuous performance and dependability of our cap sealing equipment, we are unrivalled in what we do best, induction cap sealing.

We hope to see him again in 2038!