Richard Bull interviewed on Mix 96 RadioA regional radio station threw the spotlight on induction cap sealing last week.

Enercon Industries managing director, Richard Bull, was interviewed on the Buckinghamshire station, Mix 96, by breakfast show presenters Darren Scott and Katy Brown.

The interview was part of the station’s ‘Street of the Week’ slot where the presenters visit a street in the county to find out about ‘big issues’ in the area.

Last week they visited Edison Road, in Aylesbury, which has been the home of Enercon’s European headquarters for almost 30 years.

Speaking on air, breakfast presenter Darren Scott said: “Enercon is actually quite an incredible company. They make induction cap sealers… pretty much everything that you use in daily life that has a foil seal on it – they are responsible for.

“They seal packages for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, health and beauty products. When you open your bottle cap on your milk and there’s that little bit of it seal across it – they do that.

“When you buy coffee and you take the lid of and there’s that foil on it – they do that. The put that on there and they are based here in Aylesbury.

“They are a small company but they are the biggest in the world in their trade.”

Discussing what business is like in Aylesbury, Mr Bull told Mix 96: “It’s a great place to be. We have been in this building for 28 years. Aylesbury has a lot of development going on at the moment and that can only be good because it’s going to get the bigger companies to come here, so the long term prospects are really good.”

He used the recent example of the world’s largest fresh milk dairy, owned by Arla Foods, which officially opened in Aylesbury last month and uses Enercon’s induction sealing equipment.

“I know there was fight about having it built but it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s employing over 600 people,” said Mr Bull.

The mega-dairy site produces 1.5 million bottles of milk a day – all of which are sealed by Enercon’s Super Seal™ Max machines.

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