A flavoured coffee company has switched to induction sealing after deciding its former sealing method was ‘outdated’ and ‘messy’.

The coffee company Beanies Flavour Co. – which was created out of a garage experiment – is now sealing its jars with Enercon’s Super Seal™ range of induction cap sealers.

Beanies began working with Enercon Industries after deciding to stop foil sealing its jars with glue.

Lee Hull, plant manager at Beanies, said: “We used to use glue to seal the foil to the jar, but we found this was a little outdated and potentially messy, so we decided to move to a cleaner and more effective way of sealing our product.”

The company then started researching induction heat sealing machines and approached a number of industry contacts for advice.

“We found there were quite a few options available to us,” said Mr Hull.

“As we were new to the technology we asked a few of our business associates who had induction machines for feedback.

“The comments we received about Enercon always seemed to be positive so we contacted them for further details.

“After speaking to Enercon and conducting trials using our jars and lids, we were happy with the results and how we were being treated as a potential customer.

“This is why we chose Enercon to supply us with our induction heat sealing machine.”

Beanies now seals its jars with one of Enercon’s best-selling machines, the Super Seal™ 75.

Speaking about the advantages of induction sealing, Mr Lee added: “It has benefits of being a very clean technology.

“Induction sealing reduces the risk of glue contamination within a product. It is quick to setup and shut down too.

“It also gives us as a company the confidence that the product is fully sealed, stopping any of our wonderful flavours from escaping.”

Beanies was set up in 2009 – just one year after company director Mark Porteous began experimenting with adding flavours to coffee in his garage.

The coffee can now be found on the shelves of major UK supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

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