Minister for Europe visits Enercon Enercon Industries European headquarters has hosted a special visit from the Rt Hon David Lidington MP.

Richard Bull meets Minister for EuropeThe Minister for Europe and Aylesbury MP met Enercon employees and chairman, Richard Bull, during a factory tour on Friday, February 13.

During his visit he heard how the Aylesbury-based business had doubled its workspace in recent years to help cope with its European growth.

Speaking about his visit, Mr Lidington said: “I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit Enercon on Friday.

“I have been aware for some time now of the great work that Enercon is doing in providing industry leading induction cap sealing and bottle cap sealing technology for a variety of household brands.

“It is great to see them working not only with other companies in the constituency like the Arla Dairy in Aston Clinton, the biggest dairy in Europe, but also expanding their international profile.

“I am sure we will continue to see them going from strength to strength in the coming years.”

Richard Bull, Chairman of Enercon Industries Ltd, commented: “Mr Lidington showed a keen interest in Enercon, our people and our work of induction cap sealing.

“He appreciated the benefits of foil sealing containers and what it is doing for the food, pharmaceutical, liquids, healthcare, agrochemical and household industries in regards to reducing packaging waste.

“The past few years have been very successful for Enercon, despite a general downturn in the global manufacturing industry, and we look forward to continuing with this success.”