A contract packer has helped a customer clean up his packaging by switching to induction sealing and eliminating leaks.

Packing and filling specialists Wyepak were working for a leading bike cleaner brand when they discovered the bottles were leaking frequently.

“Our customer had a massive problem with leakers,” said Mark Tooth, Director at Wyepak.

“The bottles only had standard caps on and the customer expected it to be sufficient and enable the product to arrive in the same condition regardless of whether it was going to Kazakhstan in Asia or Basingstoke in England.

“However this wasn’t the case, and as contract packers we know the impact and cost a leaker can have on a company.”

Having worked with Enercon Industries – the global leader in induction cap sealing – for many years, Wyepak convinced the customer that induction heat sealing would solve the problem.

“Induction sealing is about getting that confidence,” said Mr Tooth.

“You might have to spend a penny at the start, but when the pain and the issues of leaking bottles subsides, it is worth it.

“When you have a seal on your bottle it give you that reassurance that there is something there between your product and the atmosphere,” he added.

As well as the importance of an induction seal, Mr Tooth also highlighted the need to buy packaging machinery from companies who offer an after sales support service.

“We have had our Enercon Super Seal™ for many years and we were in the middle of quite a big promotional run when we had an issue with it,” he said.

Wyepak contract packers“I phoned Enercon and an engineer diagnosed the issue over the phone and had us back up and running before we lost any production time.

“The Enercon Super Seal™ is a critical machine for us and downtime can have serious consequences, so good support is vital.

“Enercon is a superb company and the service is great.”

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