Tamper evident induction seal on ketchup bottle

Induction sealing represents one of the best ways to prevent product tampering.

But why is tamper-proof packaging so important? And how could your business benefit from investing in an induction cap sealer?

If your business manufactures products intended for human consumption, you need to invest in advanced sealing methods. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. It reduces the risk of damage to your goods

Products are vulnerable to damage during shipment, particularly if you export them overseas. With an induction seal, you can prevent inconvenient and costly spillages and ensure that your products do not go to waste.

Remember – manufacturers and producers are typically held responsible for product damage even if the fault lies with a third-party freight company. If products reach their destination in poor condition, your company may be required to cover the cost of returns, refunds or replacements.

Investing in high-quality packaging reduces the risk of being blamed for compromised packaging and, therefore, helps to protect your brand’s reputation.

2. It helps you to fulfil product safety regulations

Product safety should be a top priority for all companies, as it helps to protect consumers and reduce the risk of public relations disasters. Depending on the industry in which your business operates, you will also need to abide by a range of safety regulations.

Investing in tamper-resistant packaging is one of the best ways to prevent the contamination of products designed for human consumption and fulfil your obligations as a company. While malicious tampering is relatively rare, it is common for consumers to attempt to peek inside product packages before they make a purchase. If the container is not induction sealed, it is easy for consumers to “test” the product. These products are then unsellable and will go to waste.

3. It helps to make your packages eco-friendly

A bonus of the tamper-proof hermetic induction seal is that it adds a degree of rigidity to the container and cap which means that the amount of plastic used in the bottle and the cap can be reduced. Therefore, improving your company’s environmental credentials and protecting your brand’s reputation.

4. It improves customer trust

Companies often spend a huge amount of time and effort designing stunning packaging to attract the eyes of shoppers. Fewer, however, consider the ways in which strong packaging can boost customer trust and loyalty. Shoppers want to know that their purchases are safe for consumption, and tamper-proof packaging can help to engender feelings of trust.

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