Enercon Industries, the global leader in induction cap sealing, is encouraging more women to pursue a career in manufacturing as part of International Women’s Day.

As statistics show that women comprise roughly a quarter of the industry’s workforce, the Aylesbury-based company is hoping to highlight the importance of more women joining the sector.

Julie Bull, Director at Enercon Industries, is among the female minority to sit on a corporate board in the UK.

She commented: “At Enercon we believe diversity is important in building a strong business and we have a large percentage of women working at all levels across all departments.

“However, there appears to be a worryingly low number of women coming into manufacturing, and women will continue to be under-represented until we attract more entrants.

“We need to promote manufacturing as an exciting, rewarding and long-term career to ensure that young women, who are our future leaders, work their way to senior management roles.”

Among those working at Enercon Industries is Rebecca Hughes, European Marketing Manager.

Speaking about International Women’s Day, she said: “Initiatives like this are important for reinforcing the message that women are vital in the workplace.

“However we need to empower women for their whole working life, and not just one day a year.

“The recent move towards helping and developing women in our industry is encouraging and we need to continue this to ensure that women are engaged and represented at every level, from apprentice through to CEO, for years to come.”

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