Amazon APASS certification logo

Induction cap sealing leader, Enercon Industries Ltd, has become certificated as a member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network.

The APASS network is an approved list of companies certified to help e-commerce sellers meet Amazon’s packaging guidelines. All those on the list have received official training from Amazon.

Chris Mulcock, UK Sales Manager at Enercon Industries, said:

“Ecommerce is an ever-growing channel, and more and more of our customers are looking to sell online. By becoming APASS certified, we’re able to provide more packaging expertise to our customers.”

Among Amazon’s packaging regulations are that all liquids and creams require a double seal. This is to prevent products from breaking or leaking throughout the fulfilment process.

The easiest, cheapest, and most effective ways of achieving a double seal is by adding an induction seal.

Enercon’s range of induction cap sealers are renowned for providing reliable and consistent hermetic seals to prevent leaks and protect the product on its journey from the packaging line to the consumer.

“Preventing leaks has always been a key role for packaging, but it becomes even more crucial for ecommerce,” commented Mulcock.

“While products for a physical store are traditionally bulk shipped in an upright position, with ecommerce this is not the case.

“An ecommerce product has to withstand a variety of warehouse and handling processes on its journey to the consumer and is less likely to be transported upright.

“If your product leaks during this journey, you could damage other products it shipped with, as well as nearby packages. Not only does this have a direct impact on the bottom line for brands, but it can also damage the relationship between retailers and customers.”

Find out more about induction sealing for ecommerce here, or browse Enercon’s range of induction cap sealers.