Enercon Industries encourages more women to enter the manufacturing industry as part of International Women’s Day

2020-03-18T16:50:37+00:008th March, 2016|Enercon|

Enercon Industries, the global leader in induction cap sealing, is encouraging more women to pursue a career in manufacturing as part of International Women’s Day. As statistics show that women comprise roughly a quarter of the industry’s workforce, the Aylesbury-based company is hoping to highlight the importance of more women joining the sector. Julie Bull, Director at Enercon Industries, is among the female minority to sit on a corporate board in the UK.

Unilever and Enercon Industries’ induction sealing technology win Package of the Year award

2020-03-18T16:52:53+00:009th November, 2015|Enercon|

The 2015 Package of the Year Award was presented to Unilever and its nominated vendor Enercon Industries for the new and innovative Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Squeeze bottle.

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