Enercon Launches New Super Seal™ Range of Induction Cap Sealers

2022-01-31T14:20:24+00:0031st January, 2022|Enercon, Enercon News|

Enercon Industries has launched the latest generation of the world’s best-selling induction cap sealers - Super Seal™ 300, 400 and 600 - designed to bring new features and benefits to packagers and manufacturers.

Unilever and Enercon Industries’ induction sealing technology win Package of the Year award

2021-08-11T12:12:56+01:009th November, 2015|Enercon, Uncategorized|

The 2015 Package of the Year Award was presented to Unilever and its nominated vendor Enercon Industries for the new and innovative Hellmann’s Mayonnaise Squeeze bottle.

Coffee company moves to ‘cleaner’ method of sealing jars by switching to induction heat sealing

2021-08-11T12:51:48+01:0028th July, 2015|Enercon|

A flavoured coffee company has switched to induction sealing after deciding its former sealing method was ‘outdated’ and ‘messy’.

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