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To improve production output, you need to either employ another operator to assist in the process, (which may mean purchasing another hand-held machine) or run longer or overtime shifts. People costs are high (and ongoing), there may be another way.

An entry-level inline induction cap sealer’s output is not dependent on operator performance, once set up it will produce perfect seals at up to 10 metres per minute, 24 x 7. (The number of containers sealed in a minute will depend on how many will fit into a metre on the conveyor.)

The Benefits of Inline vs Handheld Induction Cap Sealing

Manual Induction Cap Sealing Inline Induction Cap Sealing
Potential operator error in locating sealer resulting in poor seals Automatic process, once set up, 100% seal rate
Slow – maximum 20 per minute, and will slow during shift due to fatigue, lunch, bathroom breaks etc. Faster – up to 100* per minute (depends on container diameter and cap) 24 x 7
Ongoing staff costs, wages, NI, etc. After installation, virtually no maintenance or other costs
Can’t increase productivity without incurring extra people costs Productivity can be increased to up to 5x* that of manual sealing with no extra cost
*based on sealing 80mm container.

To find out how inline sealing can improve your productivity and reduce your production costs, and to get a quote please use the adjacent form.

Find out more about the Super Seal™ 50 here. To discuss the discount available on part-exchange of your Super Seal™ Junior, or your sealing application, or arrange free sealing trials please contact us.

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“We wanted to increase our induction sealing output without losing the quality of our seals, so upgrading to an inline machine was the best option.”

Mr. Filip Degl, owner of 4FITNESS

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