The Metal Cleaning Industry


Why Plasma Treat to Clean Metal Objects?

Aluminium, Titanium and Stainless steel are the most commonly used materials in manufacturing of high performance assemblies. When assemblies require adhesive bonding they often need to undergo surface treatment such as alkaline washes or acid etching to prepare the metals surface prior to adhesive bonding or even ink printing.

Acid etches and alkaline washes require expensive consumables and produce waste that is costly to remove. The workspace and maintenance requirements to operate such equipment can also be extensive with significant health, safety and environmental concerns.  On top of these issues cycle times can often cause production bottlenecks.

Plasma Surface Treatment utilises ionised gas created by compressed air and electricity to remove organic materials, oxides and contaminants from the surface of these metals and micro-etches the surface to increase roughness. Leaving the surface optimally clean for adhesive bonding.

Plasma Surface Treatment works without any of the issues of traditional treatments and can even be performed in-line. Enercon’s range of Blown Ion and Blown Arc Plasma Treaters can reduce process times for surface treatment of metals and allow complete automation from the beginning of production.