The World’s Leading Induction Cap Sealing Range

Our induction sealing machines can seal caps from 15 – 150mm in diameter and unusual shapes and sizes that other manufacturers cannot.

Enercon Industries is the market-leading supplier of induction cap sealing equipment across the world.

We have an induction cap sealer that is right for every production environment – from a low volume, start-up or testing facility, right through to the world’s fastest production lines that currently run up to 100 metres per minute. Our induction sealers are fully compliant with all UK and European regulations.

Why Seal?

Induction sealed ketchup bottle demonstrating tamper proof seal

Leak Prevention, Tamper Evidence, increased shelf life are the main benefits of induction cap sealing.

Our Products

An Enercon Industrie's induction cap sealing machine heat sealing containers of herbs

We offer the most diverse range of induction sealing technology on the market.

Induction Cap Sealing

Illustrative diagram of an induction sealing coil above heat sealed bottles

Induction heat sealing achieves an air-tight seal when a capped container that has a foil inside the lid passes through an induction field.

Why Enercon?

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Enercon is trusted by many of the largest manufacturers and biggest brands in the world for the performance of its equipment and the quality of its service.

How to buy in Europe

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Production downtime has serious consequences, so we have a global service and support team to help.

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