The new normal is here, and the pandemic has seen manufacturers and packaging companies having to make changes to adapt and survive. However, possibly the biggest change is that manufacturers are having to adapt their sealing solutions to meet the rapid market shift to online sales and courier deliveries. We are also seeing an increased demand for induction cap sealing in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and other sectors. We’ve also seen some of our customers switch from one product line to another, for example from hand cream to hand sanitiser.

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Online shopping site delivery requirements pose new challenges if you have a liquid or cream product. Amazon, and many other internet outlets demand a double seal for these products. This means a cap with shrink wrapping, or the container sealed inside a plastic bag, or an induction seal. Induction cap sealing is the fastest and cheapest way of meeting these requirements.

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Switching packaging lines quickly from one product to another can be a difficult and costly. However, unlike many other induction cap sealers, the power supply and the induction coil of an Enercon are separate, this means that packagers can quickly change sealing heads, on the line, to seal different containers and caps. Enercon also has the widest range of induction coil designs so that Enercon machines can seal unusual-shaped caps and containers that many other’s cannot.

With a hermetic induction seal consumers can be sure of an uncontaminated product, especially in this unprecedent time of change and uncertainty.

We have 40 + years’ helping companies achieve their packaging solutions, so if you want to future-proof your packaging for whatever 2021 will bring or enquire about Enercon’s free sealing trials please do so on the adjoining form.

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Supermarkets and other outlets now insist on double-sealed containers.