Plasma Treaters
Surface Treating for three-dimensional objects

Enercon’s Blown-arc™ and Blown-ion™ Treaters have a higher output compared with other current treaters in the market, giving higher processing speeds and are ideal for use on most surfaces, both have the option to run multiple heads.
The wider head of the Blown-arc™ gives broader coverage, whereas the fine nozzle of the Blown-ion™ treater makes it ideal for treating components with difficult to reach recesses.

Both can be integrated with robotics for applications requiring precise treatment which increases throughput and reducing process variability bringing speed, accuracy and cost benefits.

Enercon’s Range of Plasma Surface Treaters

Blown Ion Series

Designed to treat small, narrow and irregular surfaces

Blown Arc Series

Designed to treat wide surface areas

  • Fully enclosed stainless-steel body construction for industrial environments.
  • Easy Set Up
  • Intelligent Universal voltage 120v/208-240v
  • Standard compressed air
  • Custom engineered shielded cable for maximum flexibility & durability
  • Internally mounted, oil free, air cooled transformer
  • Self-protective circuitry
  • IP 52 enclosure
  • USB Data Drive