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A Beginner’s Guide to Induction Sealing

If you’re new to induction heat sealing, download this free whitepaper to learn how induction sealing works, what the benefits are, what products can be sealed and where to get foil liners from.

Quick Guide to Operating Windows

In order to achieve perfect seals and maximise productivity, it is essential that your induction sealing unit is set to the correct operating window.

This quick guide will show you three simple steps to help you find your unique operating window.


Introducing Enercon Industries

Over the past 40 years, Enercon Industries has been installing induction cap sealers into both large and small manufacturers on every continent, establishing itself as the principle provider of induction cap sealing systems.

To discover more about Enercon Industries, our unmatched global presence and why our customers choose to work with us, view our company brochure.

Why Seal with Foil?

Do you need your product to travel further, last longer and still be fresh when opened? Or are you searching for protection against counterfeiting and tampering?

Induction heat sealing can achieve all that and more. Watch the clip to discover more.

How it works: Induction Cap Sealing

Induction cap sealing is a simple and straightforward process that offers many benefits. To find out how it works and what it can do for you, press play.

Transforming the UK Milk Industry

Extended shelf life, increased profits and decreased customer complaints are among the benefits that the UK milk industry gained after moving to induction cap sealing some 30 years ago. To find out how Enercon helped achieve this, click play.

Improving Productivity with Induction Sealing

Learn the basics of induction cap sealing; hear how Enercon can help improve your production process; and watch our induction sealers in action on live production lines in this short video. To discover more, press play.

Introducing Enercon Industries

Over the past 40 years, Enercon has established itself as the principal provider of induction foil sealing systems. Click play to find out more about us.

Induction Sealer Demonstration

This short clip shows the very quick process of induction cap sealing.

Hand Held Induction Sealer - Super Seal Junior

Introducing Enercon Industries premium and portable hand held induction cap sealer. This CE certified induction heat sealer offers the benefits of high quality induction sealing to start-up operations, product validation and short production runs. It is renowned for its reliability.