Enercon Industries Ltd is set to seal its success in France this year by exhibiting at Emballage, Paris.

The global leader in induction cap sealing will be showcasing its range of machines at France’s largest packaging exhibition in November. It will mark the end of what is expected to be the company’s most successful sales year ever in the country.

Paul Bennion, European Sales Director at Enercon, said: “With the help of our French distributor, Serpac, Enercon has been making significant inroads in the French market this year.

“We’ve seen an increase in enquiries from French businesses looking to move away from conduction sealing and reap the rewards of induction heat sealing instead.”

Among the benefits of using induction over conduction includes massive energy savings – at times as much as 90%.

Unlike conduction sealing technology, induction sealing provides instant start-up without the system warm-up required by conduction systems. It reduces clean-up time for product spillage because the product will not “bake” onto the sealing head. Additionally induction sealing requires virtually no maintenance and with Enercon’s sealing head and power supply developments, the machines need significantly less time to create the required seal.

“We plan on continuing to show there is an alternative solution to conduction sealing when we exhibit at Emballage in November,” added Mr Bennion.

“We hope it will end what is set to be our most successful year ever in France. We have sold our machines into a wide range of industries including food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical.”

Among the equipment which will be displayed at Emballage is The Super Seal™ Touch, part of Enercon’s most innovative range of heat sealers.

The performance and adaptability of the Super Seal™ Touch range exemplifies Enercon’s reputation as the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced induction cap sealing systems by providing an extremely wide and flexible window of operation to compensate for variations in line conditions, such as fluctuating line speeds or changes in cap, liner and container tolerances.

Enercon Industries is a global leader in induction cap and capless foil sealing and surface treating systems technology.  From the European Headquarters in Aylesbury, UK, Enercon have over 30 years of experience in delivering reliable, state-of-the-art product and cost effective solutions to the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, automotive and household industries.

Enercon Industries Ltd will be exhibiting in Hall 4 Stand B034 from Monday, November 17 to Thursday, November 20.